What are Blade Savers?

Ever wonder why your wipers leave water streaks? It’s because they rot in the hot summer sun. When it’s hot, the sun’s powerful UV rays are burning away at the rubber! Make your wipers last years longer! Install a set of Blade Savers and keep your blades out of the sun! Blade Savers provides the perfect shade factor for your wiper blades, and yet allows continuous ventilation to the rubber. Get your Blade Saver covers now.


How To Order?

  • 1. Select Fabric

    Choose between black leather or camoflauge

  • 2. Measure your wipers

    Measure each blade as newer vehicles have different size blades. Select the the correct size for each blade in the dropdowns.

  • 3. Add to Cart and Checkout

    On checkout, fill out all the fields. Make sure and enter shipping address if different from billing address. Shipping is a flat fee.

  • 4. Pay to complete order

    We take the major credit cards and you must complete this step to complete your order.

  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

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